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FAQ Laser Hair Removal
What does it cost?
Does it hurt?
How long does it take?
Does the hair grow back?
What are the risks/side-effects?
Who shouldn't get laser hair removal treatments?
How many treatments are needed?
How do I find a Laser Hair Removal Specialist?
Does it cause scarring?
What should I expect during/after the procedure?
Does it work for all skin types?
Are there any guarantees?
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The Laser Hair Removal Consultation

When you schedule your laser hair removal consultation, you need to prepare beforehand with pertinent questions and concerns about laser hair removal.

It is important to check out several different clinics in your area so that you can compare/contrast all of the information.



Below are 10 questions that you should ask at your consultation:

1.  Ask the doctor or specialist where he or she received training for laser hair removal.  Make a note of the school or training center so that you can verify this info later.

2.  How long have they been performing treatments.

3. How many treatments have they performed and which types of lasers were used?

4. Are they involved in continuing education or ongoing training?  If so, where and what type.

5.  Ask about the different types of lasers and why one is used over the other?

6. Discuss with the specialist or doctor what your skin and hair type are and how effective laser hair removal might be for you.

7.  Are there any guarantees? 

8.  What can go wrong?  Discuss all the possible complications that can occur during or after the laser hair removal procedure.

9.  How long before your treatment do you need to avoid sun exposure?

10.  What are rules about shaving, hair removal before the treatment.




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